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Free Claude VonStroke Remix and Propellerheads Interview


When trying to find a photo of Mr. VonStroke, to go with this SICK remix, I found this cool article conducted by the Propellerheads about production of the “Beware of the Bird” album and his production techniques and stuff… If you don’t care, just grab this awesome tune, thanks to Kid City for the tune.

Click Link Below to Download VIA Kid City Blog:
Poxymusic ft. Gina Mitchell- War Paint (Claude Vonstroke Remix) (m)

Propellerheads interview after the jump.

Taken from  ARTICLE

House and Techno Artist Claude VonStroke Rules with Reason

Speed and Ease of Use Make Propellerhead’s Software A Must-Have

Stockholm, Sweden (October 01, 2008) – Ace house and techno producer, artist and label owner Claude VonStroke continues to wow audiences in his recent tours of Europe and the U.S., featuring material from his hot debut album, Beware of the Bird. Naturally, Reason is one of his most important tools. “I use it for about 80 percent of my productions and remixes. Even if I use other software, I almost always try to finish a track in Reason,” he notes. “I made my entire Beware of the Bird album in Reason, including tracks such as ‘Deep Throat,’ ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit?’ and ‘The Whistler.’”

VonStroke loves Reason’s speed and ease of use. “The sequencer enables me to go through many ideas quickly,” he explains. “I can select and move things faster than in any other software. It also allows me to try out alternative ideas very quickly.”

What is in his Reason rack? “I use something from the Mastering devices on every single sound in the track,” he notes. “I think the most important thing is EQ’ing everything perfectly, so all the sounds play together nicely. I also use the delay and the R7000 reverb a lot. I use the Spider audio device to split up sounds and make them feel bigger, and the Scream distortion really makes things pop out of the mix. I also use the Re Drum quite a bit to lay out drums.”

Although he is reluctant to give away his tricks, he confesses that he often plays with the octave pitch button in Dr. Rex. “Many times this has created something unexpected that really works out,” he reveals. “You can have a sample in sync, then pitch it up or down one octave, and all of a sudden it sounds way cooler.”

In the end, though, it comes down to speed and ease of use. “When I use Reason, it takes 20 seconds [to do a simple task], and in almost everything else it takes 5 minutes just to configure the track and the synth/sampler,” he states. Just how important is Reason to VonStroke’s music? “I don’t think I would even be doing techno if I hadn’t come across the sequencer in Reason.”

And that’s the word from the Bird.

For more on Claude VonStroke, go to:


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