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HUMPDAY SONG: Tortoise – Crest
March 17, 2010, 2:25 pm
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Being huge fans of Tortoise for quite some time now, I figured I’d give ya one of my favorite songs from them. If you’ve never heard of Tortoise, you need to go check them out now… That is if you like experimental psychedelic jazzy ambient rock… I know, the genre thing again… Let’s just say “Crest”, off their “It’s All Around You” album (highly recommended), is a powerful composition of dark sitars and beautiful shiny xylophones.

VIA WIKI: Tortoise’s almost entirely instrumental music defies easy categorization, and the group gained significant attention from their early career. The members have roots in Chicago’s fertile music scene, playing in various indie rock and punk  groups. Tortoise was among the first American indie rock bands to incorporate styles closer to Krautrock, dub, minimalism, electronica, and various jazz  styles, rather than the standard rock and roll and punk that had dominated indie rock for years.

Some have cited Tortoise as being one of the prime forces behind the development and popularity of the post-rock movement. Others, however, have characterised Tortoise’s music as being heavily indebted to progressive rock.

Click Link Below to Download VIA Mediafire:
Tortoise – Crest (Original Mix)


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