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Emalkay – DOA Mix (Nov. 11, 2009)

This is one of the mixes I haven’t been able to stop listening to… figured I’d give it an up, I’ll let the mix speak for itself. Shit is TIGHT! Biggups to Dogs on Acid and Emalkay!

1. Emalkay “When I Look At You” (Dub Police)
2. Emalkay “Battle Suit” (Forthcoming Storming Productions)
3. Mungo Ft. Earl 16 “Hi Fi (LD Remix)” (Dub Police)
4. Benga & Walsh “Biscuit Factory” (Dub)
5. Skream “Metal Mouth” (Dub)
6. Emalkay “Solid State” (Forthcoming Storming Productions)
7. Subscape “Clear My Throat” (Dub)
8. The Others “Kingpin VIP” (Dub)
9. Noah D “Seeeriousss VIP” (Dub)
10. Bar 9 “The Beginning” (Dub)
11. Skream “Untitled” (Dub)
12. Trolley Snatcha “Circle K” (Forthcoming Dub Police)
13. Emalkay “Explicit” (Dub Police)
14. Emalkay “My Story” (Boka Records)
15. Von D & DJ Madd “U” (Forthcoming Boka Records)
16. Giant “Drum Stick VIP” (Dub)
17. Doctor P “Badman Sound” (Forthcoming Dub Police)
18. Caspa “Ready Eddy” (Dub)
19. Skream “Metalick” (Dub)
20. 12th Planet “68” (Dub)
21. Doctor P “Sweet Shop” (Forthcoming Circus)
22. The Others “Karma” (Dub)
23. Emalkay “Mecha” (Boka Records)

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Emalkay – DOA Mix (Nov. 11, 2009)

Fabriclive.44 – Mixed by Commix (2009)
January 27, 2010, 7:57 pm
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Just listening to this puppy and thought it would make a great post. This has had a heavy rotation in the car and at work, not to mention it’s already all over the internet. “If the Cambridge, U.K., duo Commix (Guy Brewer and George Levings) don’t sound like the average junglist act, it probably has something to do with their mostly techno influences. The drum-n-bass act cite Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Carl Craig as some of the primary reasons they began making music.” Check out this very eclectic dnb mix for the Fabriclive Series.

01. Commix – Life We Live
02. Rufige Kru – Sometime Sad Day
03. D’Bridge – Creatures of Habit
04. Alix Perez – Reckoning
05. Data – Causeway
06. Logistics – Murderation
07. Commix – Justified
08. Spectrasoul – Buried
09. Calibre – Can’t Get Over You
10. Kemo, Lynx & Alix Perez – Dangerous
11. Commix – Bellevieweviewed Mix [D-Bridge’s Belle-Reviewed Mix]
12. Ben E & Spectrasoul – Suppression
13. Calibre – In Denial
14. Commix – Bear Music
15. ??? – Nu Sunrise
16. Jonny L – Common Origin
17. Breakage – Old School Ting
18. Instra:Mental – No Future
19. Photek – Yendi
20. Instra:Mental – Photograph

Click Link Below to Download VIA Mediafire:
Fabriclive.44 – Mixed by Commix (2009) (m)


I cannot believe I fuckin’ missed this show… Just seen the flyer today….
And it was FREE…. Any lucky bastards go? I wanna hear how it was holla please!