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A1 Bassline = Bad Ass + Free Tunes!
December 14, 2009, 9:36 pm
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I saw these two tunes on Palms Out Sounds a couple weeks ago and witnessed how much damage they did on the dance floor in my last few sets and realized I needed to share them with everyone…. I immediately went out and copped the whole EP here. I feel these two tunes are the strongest (but not the most popular in the blogosphere?) and think they will be a steeple in my sets for some time to come… Thanks for all your hard work and these free tunes Mr. Bassline.

Click Link Below to Download VIA iheartcomix:
A1 Bassline – 8oh8 (m)
A1 Bassline – Here Come Da (m)

*The Palms Out server was down so the direct links are coming from
iheartcommix (hope ya don’t mind) and mirrors from MediaFire.