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Cipher & Justin Scott—Electrostatic Homicide

I just found this on… Of all places to find an Electro-Bass mix you made in 2005. LOL!!! Took a listen this morning and figured it was worth posting to ya’ll. Big Big ups to all the artists out there producing the raw electro-core type shit! The track selection in this studio mix reflects our personal tastes in electro-breaks around 2005, and we wanted to showcase the best that Florida has to offer, going back all the way to 1998 and up through 2005. I hope you will enjoy it almost as much as we enjoyed making it!

01. Bass Junkie – Who Is It, What Is It
02. Industrial Bass Machine – Body Rock (Wutam & J-Break Remix)
03. Ghosts In The Machine – NDMX
04. ATF – Extinction
05. Ash Rock & Jimi The Genius – Machines
06. Industrial Bass Machine – Robot Stampede
07. Scratch D & Oz – Plastic Men
08. Jackal And Hyde Ft. Afro Rican – Give It All You Got 2000
09. Expansion Union – World Wide Funk (Dynamix II Remix)
10. Dynamix II – We Are Your Future
11. Scratch D & Brazen – Throwdown
12. Bass Junkie – Electro Freq
13. Funklab – I Am Electro

56:44 // 78 Megs // 192 Kbps // Constant Bitrate

Click Link Below to Download VIA Mediafire:
Cipher & Justin Scott—Electrostatic Homicide