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Crimen – Bass & Diamonds Ft. Fresh Girls (DirtyBeats Remix)
March 3, 2010, 9:38 pm
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Here’s some more nice little treats ure boyz at the Scatterblog are giving away today… They are featuring these dudes, Dirtybeats… I don’t know much about them other than, first off their beats are hot, next, they’re two dudes from Mexico and they have a new EP coming out on Scattermusic on March 30th featuring 4 of their original works and some pretty dope remixers to back… This tune here is a bouncy, percussive remix of that old school hook, “The DJ’s love me, don’t get me wrong…” Anyone know what record that originated from? Yeah, you know it. Two very interesting rockable tracks below. Enjoy.

Click Link Below to Download VIA Mediafire:
Crimen – Bass & Diamonds Ft. Fresh Girls (DirtyBeats Remix) (m)

BONUS: Kohlbecker & Eilmes – Tabasco (DirtyBeats Remix) (m)