That New Guy Music

Going International!

On Monday I’ll be Going International! (5th-18th)
Bury St. Edmunds, England!  (2 Degrees + Fog)
Ok, to see the in-laws. Wish it was for a massive gig! LOL!

I just wanted to let peeps know that the bloggin’ will be minimal but, I ain’t gonna leave you without something special… This is a brand ne original from yours truly. I can only gve away a low bit-rate cause I’m planning on dropping a EP with this as the A-Side featured track and another BANGER (almost final) on the other. Big time remixes
from big time remixers as well… So the point is, the EP is gonna be HUGE, stay
tuned for that one…

If anyone knows anything cool haping while I’m in town,
PM me on Electro Empire, Facebook me, or Twitter me please.

Much Respekt, Hope I make it back it one piece!
(Did I mention my 10 hour layover in Kingston, Jamaica…Irie!)

Click Link Below to Listen & Download VIA Mediafire:
Justin Scott – Kelly’s Theme (Original Mix)
(192k-128k VBR – Sorry… Gotta Share Low, And Buy High!)