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Juiceboxxx “Thunder Zone Volume One” Mixtape

Here’s a hot new mix from Juiceboxxx featuring Teengirl Fantasy, Spank Rock, Ninjasonik and a track produced by Javelin that the JB’s just giving away for free…
Laser effects, air horns, Nintendo sounds, fuzzy guitars, and a sense of humor makes this a definite download, don’t sleep!

01. Intro
02. Thunder Shit
03. Juiceboy
04. Thunder Jam #5 (Kappital Ledders Remix)
05. 100 MPH (Gorkabillies’ 3-Speed Sports Car Mix)
06. I’m a Man (Featuring Spank Rock)
07. Sweat (Best Fwends Remix)
08. DJ Jazzy Jetts International Interlude
09. Thunder Jam #3 (Geocash Reggae Galaxy Remix)
10. Runnin’ (Produced by Javelin)
11. What do you like? (Featuring Ninjasonik)
12. Hype (Shams Remix)
13. Center Stage (Teengirl Fantasy MIDI Sax Metamix)
14. Party Up
15. Breathe
16. 100 MPH (MVSCLZ Remix)
17. Never Surrender Forever (Demo)
18. Thunder Jam #5 (Grunge Version with Possible Feathers)
19. I Don’t Wanna Die
20. Juicy

Click Link Below to Download VIA Mediafire:
Juiceboxxx “Thunder Zone Volume One” Mixtape (m)