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HUMPDAY SONG: Young Ax – Midnight Sun
April 8, 2010, 1:54 pm
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I know… 2 weeks in a row I’ve missed the infamous “Humpday Song” post… I know.. I’m a slacker… Hopefully I’ll make up a but with this beautiful gem by the mighty Young Ax… This tune is probably my favorite all time Drum & Bass tune… It’s so melodic yet so hard, it fits anywhere!… Truly a song that invokes alot of feeling for me… Hope it does the same for you! Be sure to check out the other Young Ax stuff I posted up here. Enjoy!

Click Link Below to Download VIA Mediafire:
Young Ax – Midnight Sun (Original Mix)


Young Ax – Sugaphonic Showcase Mix 2010
March 11, 2010, 3:53 pm
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Here’s something by, in my opinion one of the most exciting producers in drum and bass… I absolutely love this dude’s productions. He somehow melds incredibly jazzy and funk based melodies with some of the hardest hitting bassline your woofers have ever tasted… If you’ve never heard of this guy, go ahead and download his “Higher Ground” full length on Santorin and get blown away! “Midnight Sun” is the sickest dnb tune ever made! This mix is to promote his next venture, Sugaphonic, which is a bit different than his usual in your face funk, but still fueled with that Young Ax stylee. Dope mix and biggups. I love how on his MySpace page the headline reads, “underrated since 2001” how sad and how true. Thanks to for the find. Enjoy!

01. Young Ax -System Of Survival (Sugaphonic)
02. Bachelors of Science -Nobody’s Fault (Young Ax Remix) (Santorin)
03. Young Ax -Love Comes And Goes (Dub)
04. Young Ax -Angel (Dub)
05. Young Ax -Most Def (Dub)
06. Young Ax -Sometime (Basswerk)
07. Young Ax -Winter In July (Dub)
08. Young Ax -Naturalization (Dub)
09. Young Ax -Breakaway (Sugaphonic)
10. Young Ax -Monster (Dub)
11. Young Ax -Double 00 (Dub)
12. Young Ax -Play Some More (Santorin)
13. Young Ax -City Nights (Sugaphonic)
14. Young Ax -Something Like This (Sugaphonic)
15. Young Ax -French Connection (Dub)
16. Young Ax -The Foundation (Sugaphonic)
17. Young Ax -Gold Fever (Dub)
18. Dream Warriors -My Definition… (Sugar Bill Remix)
19. Young Ax -Gangster Boogie (Sugaphonic)
20. Young Ax -Take Off (Sugaphonic)

Click Link Below to Download VIA Mediafire:
Young Ax – Sugaphonic Showcase Mix 2010

BONUS: Young Ax – Take Off (Original Mix) [Sugaphonic 2010]