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Sinden – FACT Mix #136 (Mar. 2010)

Utter fire for FACT Magazine courtesy of the mighty Sinden. With a wide-reaching vision of club music that he describes as “all-embracing, fun, disparate and twisted up”, Sinden has been one of the UK’s premier DJs for a while now, riding a thrilling line between tear-out club music and discerning selections that most DJs fall either side of. He’s compiled a Fabriclive CD, and has worked with some of the biggest names in house music at the moment. Dont sleep on this one.

DJ Sdunkero – Choosing Love
Sbtrkt – Asymmillation
T. Williams – Chop then Screw
Sunny Beach Happy Slap Mardi Gras – Mamacita (Bambounou Remix)
Roska – Time Stamp
Ill Blu – Blu Magic
Dubbel Dutch – Deep Underground
Samo Sound Boy – Wacka Flocka
DJ Posh E – Dada Supercat (Bub Dance Mix)
Deesq – Bubble like Club
Big Moe – I’ll Do It (Go Go Garcia Remix)
Sinden & Sbtrkt – Kind of Familiar
Bassanovva – Terrortactyl
Brodinski – Arnold Classics (Egyptrixx Remix)
Martin Brothers – Duckface
Para One – Toadstool
Miike Snow – Silvia (Sinden Remix)
Jamtech Foundation – Too Fast (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Jay Weed – On the Nile
DJ Canchola – Africa 09
Ultravid – Clan of Wow (Kingdom Remix)
Guido – Cat in the Window

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Sinden – FACT Mix #136 (Mar. 2010)

Cubic Zirconia – Josephine (Egyptrixx Dub Mix)
April 1, 2010, 8:42 pm
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Seems like Mr. Egyptrixx is a pretty popular fella today… Over at the Kid City Blog, they are giving away 3 of his originals in accordance with his “The Only Way Up” E.P. and the Discobelle blog posted this fine little remix of Cubic Zirconia‘s “Josephine“, it might sound familiar if you downloaded his Live Set From Wrongbar. The “Josephine” remix was my favorite of the 4 so I decided to throw it up… You can go grab the other 3 here if you’re diggin’ the sound and be sure to catch him live when he visits a venue near you.

Click Link Below to Download VIA Mediafire:
Cubic Zirconia – Josephine (Egyptrixx Dub Mix) (m)

J-Wow – WOW Music Mixtape 2010

Here’s a dope new mix from J-Wow (No, not the J-Wow from Jersey Shore) of Buraka Som Sistema to support his first solo release “Klang” for his new label WOW Music. Check it out, the mix is a blend of really hype club ‘ish with a tropical twist… If this mix doesn’t get your head bobbing, you are probably dead. Also, be on the lookout for his new tune “O Dedo” (drops it at like 44 mins into the mix) coming out on Mad Decent at the end of April, it’s a straight banger, def gonna cop that one. Hope ya enjoy the mix.

Zomby – Little Miss Naughty
Roska – Squark
Vampire Weekend – White Sky
Debruit – Nigeria What
Dj Beware & Motorpitch – Poporoca
Dj Gregory & Sidney Sampson feat Dama S – Salon
Roulet – Kitamanda (J-Wow remix)
Beyonce – Diva (J-Wow bootleg)
Amanda Blank – Make it Take it (Buraka Remix)
Dj Marfox – Djuco Djuco
Sydney Sampson – Riverside (Moombahton Edit)
Nu Yorican – Boriqua (Douster Remix)
So Shifty – Clap (Bmore J-Wow Edit)
J-Wow – O Dedo
Dj Zinc vs Buraka Som Sistema – Blunt Kalemba
Egyptrixx – The Only Way Up
J-Wow – Klang

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J-Wow – WOW Music Mixtape 2010 (m)

Dubbel Dutch – Mixin’ It Up for Discobelle

One of the most interesting producers for me at the time, Texas’s Dubbel Dutch delivers a solid mix for I’m really diggin’ the swagger that emanates from the Dutch’s tunes. Gives me a kinda Duke Dukemont vibe. Swing by his myspace and peep some of his tunes, they’re really nice.

01. 4 Hero – Humans
02. Health – Death+ [Darling Farah Mix]
03. Lol Boys – Cloudy
04. VVV – Traverse
05. Esko – Shook
06. Egyptrixx – Everybody Bleeding
07. Rishi Romero / Dj Flava – Highly
08. Sam Tiba – Barbie Weed
09. Dubbel Dutch – Deep Underground
10. Wicked A – A Nie Dvamata S Bobi Piem Kafe [Ramadanman Refix]
11. Pearson Sound – Wad [Dubbel Dutch Refix]
12. Nguzunguzu – Got U
13. Baobinga & I.D. – Tongue Riddim [Dubbel Dutch Mix]
14. Marcus Price – Var E Näääken [Bok Bok Mix]
15. Distal – Grape Donut

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Dubbel Dutch – Mixin’ It Up for Discobelle (m)

Egyptrixx – Live PA From Wrongbar (Jan. 9, 2010)
January 22, 2010, 7:29 pm
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Here’s a quality Live PA… Yes, I said Live PA from the one they call Egyptrixx from our neighbor Canada. If you don’t know about this dude, be sure to drop by his Myspace and listen to some of his tunes. Like the man said on Squeegie where I snagged this puppie, “Perfect for driving or just shakin a leg in your bedroom, be sure to give this one a clicky.” Please enjoy.

*Drive to this at your own risk!

Click Link Below to Download VIA Mediafire:
Egyptrixx – Live PA From Wrongbar (01-09-2010)